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Nigeria is one of the largest countries in Africa with a population of over 155 million people, the most populous country in all of Africa. Although it has many major cities such as Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja, there are also millions of people living in rural villages and in need of basic assistance.


About Us

Humanity First is an international charitable trust established in 43 countries to promote and safeguard human life and dignity. It is a non-political, non-sectarian international relief and development agency that works with the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

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Humanity First has installed or rehabilitated 20 water boreholes serving over 8,000 villagers in various locations across Ogun and Nassarawa states. Each is maintained and provides daily safe drinking water to villagers. Boreholes have been provided in various locations including Idoolehin, Umaisha, Onda, Ara, Ayengule Gbede, Masudo, Maidaguri, Purewater, Ode Omu and Ijigbo.

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