Medical Expedition to Doma

A medical expedition to Nasawara State in Doma took place from January 10-14 2011. The team consisted of three doctors ( Dr. Nurud-Din O. Akindele, Dr. Raheem M. Lawal & Dr. Ambali Abdul Azeez) as well as two laboratory and three members of a nursing staff. The expedition was intended to compliment the primary medical staff of Doma General Hospital, but ended up assuming its place as a state wide strike came into effect the same day. The humanity first team filled in the gap in the absence of the state medical staff.

Through the duration of the expedition 749 patients were seen in the Out Patient department, 175 in optometry and 150 in the laboratory. Most patients were between the ages of 40-60, with the most common ailment being diabetes, followed by hypertension, arthritis and malaria. Two cases of cancer were encountered and consequently referred.


Overall, the expedition was considered a huge success and accomplished the goal it had set out to complete. Further similar expeditions are being made for the Eastern region.